Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations (collectively “HOAs”), also known as deed restricted communities are prevalent throughout the state of Florida, and particularly in the Tampa Bay area.


In New Tampa and Wesley Chapel, almost all new construction and developments are deed restricted communities with HOAs. We have vast experience handling HOA disputes, problems, and lawsuits.


When properly enforced, deed restrictions help keep neighborhoods well-maintained.


Sometimes, however, problems arise when individuals on the HOA board of directors unfairly treat some homeowners or favor other homeowners.


Some HOAs may deliberately embroil homeowners in lawsuits. HOA lawsuits can impose a significant financial burden on homeowners.


Our firm has successfully represented homeowners in lawsuits against their HOAs, winning at trial and recovering their attorney’s fees.


Our firm provides cost-effective and aggressive representation to homeowners involved in a dispute or lawsuit with their HOA.


Our extensive experience and aggressive strategy in some cases allows for a successful resolution of the dispute prior to trial.

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